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(Reviewed by FindMySoft) Nowadays, PDF files are the best for creating and sharing any type of documents. That's because they are smaller in size than regular text files, they can be viewed using a simple application and they cannot be modified. Sometimes, this last feature can be a downside, as it may happen for a user to want to modify certain pieces of text included inside a PDF file. Using Adobe Acrobat seems like the best solution possible, as this is the most known program for creating and modifying PDF files. But in reality, it isn't. The program is very difficult to understand and takes up a lot of system resources.

A much better idea would be to convert the PDF document into a regular DOC file. Thus, it could be edited with a wide range of applications, including MS Word and OpenOffice Writer. PDF to Word Converter allows you to do just that, as it's a simple Windows application for converting any kind of PDF into regular DOC files. The program is compatible with any kind of PDF file, no matter what program was used for creating it.

The graphical interface of PDF to Word Converter allows adding PDF files one by one or all at once, in case there are many of them in the same folder. After this is over, one can choose which pages should be included in the final DOC file. By default, the PDF is completely converted. The user can add an unlimited number of PDF files into the program, as all the PDFs will be automatically converted one by one. After clicking on the conversion button, the generated DOC files will be placed in the same folder as the source PDFs.

PDF to Word Converter is compatible with any type of PDF file, even ones that contain complete graphic elements or different text fonts. The generated DOC file will look almost identical to the PDF file.

It allows converting an unlimited number of PDF files into the DOC format, keeping all the original formatting and graphical elements intact. Besides that, the user can add complete folders containing a large number of PDF files. What's more, the generated DOC file will be created in the same place as the source PDF.

PDF to Word Converter is a very good tool for converting any PDF document into editable DOC files. Download PDF to Word Converter from here.

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